Do we really need so much toliet paper?

We are all getting used to the new normal of life with coronavirus. Whether that means not leaving the house, teleworking, stocking the pantry, everyone is making decisions on how to proceed with living under the new restrictions.

Here at we are working hard to provide kosher food items to those who are quarantined. Our shelf stable meals can be heated in the microwave in just 2 minutes. Salamis, beef jerky, pastries, olives, etc. are all available with just a click of your mouse. You can avoid any kind of contact with the outside world.

As Jews, we are all connected to our Shuls and synagogues. It is so hard on us not to be able to go there to pray, socialize and hear words of wisdom from our Rabbis. Despite how hard this is on all of us, we have an obligation to our family, friends and elderly to obey the guidelines of the CDC to speed up the end to our isolation.

Check out the guidelines from the OU, Orthodox Union.

Keep healthy everyone!

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Happy Purim in the Days of Coronavirus

This year, as we celebrate Purim under the threat of the Corona virus, Our wish is for everyone to stay healthy. Our custom is to celebrate both in Shul and with friends at the Purim Seudah and we should. While anyone who feels sick is encouraged to stay home, the vast majority of Rabbis and Religious organizations have recommended common sense safety measures along the lines of the CDC.

I have heard that Purell is sold out over most of the country, but why is that also true for toilet paper?

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