Pesach is Just 2 Weeks Away

There are many reasons why I like working at a Kosher gift basket company. I get to try all the new samples, I enjoy using my creative spark to arrange beautiful baskets and I know that my baskets are going to make someone very happy. One thing I do not like about working here is that while everyone else can be busy getting ready for the holidays, I am pulled in two directions. I need to make the holiday baskets and also get my home and kitchen ready for the holiday as well!

Pesach is the most challenging of them all. Besides the fact that are are so many days of eating, and therefore, cooking, the whole house needs to undergo a complete cleaning. Once the rest of the house is done, the kitchen calls out to me…start scrubbing now!!! I love the fact that my children come home to spend yontif with us; I do not love the fact that they each have different favorites that must be cooked, baked or bought. My husband says it is not Passover without 7 layer cake!

How do I get it all done? When I figure it out I will let you know!!

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