Shelter in Place, the new normal

Our lives have changed dramatically in the last several months. For most of us, we are in lock down, sheltering in  place to stay safe and healthy. For those of us who are essential workers, my husband and son, the worry about their safety takes precedence over all other thoughts. But honestly, we worry about our loved ones whether they are stuck at home or on the front lines.
While the newspapers are filled with sad and depressing news, there are rays of hope and kindness that shine through. All our essential workers, from medical professionals to clerks,  need to be thanked every day for their courage and determination. And for those who are most at risk, we pray that they stay safe and well while our scientists work for breakthrough treatments a vaccines.
While it appears that there is no end in sight, we know that we will come out of this pandemic stronger and more resilient than before. mental health professionals tell us we must be kind to ourselves and do those things that make us happy to help us get through this ordeal. therefore, I am going to eat cookies and potato chips!
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