Missing the Family

I can not imagine anyone thought that Coronavirus would have such a huge impact on us for this long. I know I certainly expected to be able to travel, shop and visit family by this time. Yes, I know, many places have loosened their restrictions on what and where we could go,  and many of us have taken advantage of that to shop, eat out, and go back to their normal activities. 
But for a majority of us, the landscape has dramatically changed. Trips I had planned have been cancelled, invitations to family events and celebrations are now limited to very few and I don't see myself feeling comfortable with changing that in the near future.
I applaud those who are living their lives without fear; venturing out to live their normal lives. I also acknowledge that everyone has their own level of comfort; gingerly taking baby steps to achieve their own normal. I think we all must have patience and empathy for others as we navigate the pandemic.
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