Rosh Hashana 2017

As Rosh Hashana draws near, we all try to get a little closer to G-D. We look for ways to see G-D in our lives. Often, its hard to see. However, this year, I think we can all say that the wonders of Hashem are all around us.

First, and most spectacular, was the total eclipse. While I was not privileged to see the actual eclipse myself, the pictures on the news and in the papers are certainly awe inspiring. From friends and family who were lucky enough to be close by, the stories they tell not just of the majesty of the event, but also of the connections they made with people they met along their travels as they looked for a location to see it up close and personal. Total strangers conversing about life and the miracles of the world, without regard to religion, race, ethnicity or social standing. Everyone friendly and open and showing us the true depth of the American people, despite what chasms are reported in the papers.

We then move from the glory and beautiful eclipse to the horrendous devastation from both Hurricane Harvey and Irma. While we do  not know how bad the effects of Irma will be, the horror and crippling loss from Harvey give us an idea of the destruction that may follow in the wake of Irma. We only pray it will not be as bad as they are reporting.

But here too we see the hand of G-d. People from all over the country and in fact from all over the world are giving of themselves, their time and their money to help total strangers in need. The generosity of money and spirit prove to us all that people are good, no matter what their circumstances. this display of care and compassion for us is what defines us as Americans.

As we look forward to Rosh Hashana we should take these thoughts to heart and hope they make us better people in the end.

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